Online Microschools (Mini-Group Classes)

EduExpress Certified Instructors

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we help your child continue learning

by providing them with structure and routine curriculum, and being a positive force in their education. The programs will include Writing, common core English, Math, foreign languages (Chinese, Spanish and Hindi) 3D Design & Printing , Arts & Crafts and more...

Here's how program works for your child 

  1. Organized classroom content 

  2. Learning Management System (LMS) - Google classroom, Seesaw.

  3. Learning Platforms - Seesaw, Google classroom, Google Drive, Google Doc                 Digital whiteboard - Explain everything and Zoom 

  4. Direct instruction via video conference platform, home assignment and submission via google classroom 

  5. Communication and collaboration  


Course Duration


Class Size





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