EduExpress - Spring semester

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Online Microschool with In-Person Childcare

EduExpress Certified Instructors

Do you have students, but need to get back to work? For parents who need to go back to an office or focus on their work from home, we offer our students an onsite distance learning management program.

*The program will run on the EduExpress site. Due to social distancing restrictions, spots are limited.

*3 days or 3 days+ per week students will receive grade-appropriate online common core courses at NO extra cost.


Online Microschool Only 

EduExpress Certified Instructors

We can help your children by providing them with structure and curriculum enhancement.  This will be a positive force in their education during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The program will cover Common Core English, math, foreign languages (Chinese, Spanish and Hindi), coding, arts & crafts, and more.

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Online Stepup 4 Writing (3rd-8th)

Mr. Don Maker Ed. M

Stepup 4 Writing offers a broad selection of online writing courses taught by certified teachers. Our weekly Stepup 4 Online Writing Courses are designed to help elementary and middle school students build comprehension skills and master the art of writing at all levels. Each grouping includes topics for beginner, basic, intermediate, and advanced skill levels. Each course includes instruction and prompt and personalized feedback, which include the teacher's corrections and comments. 


Coding (JavaScript, Python, Scratch)

EduExpress Certified Instructors

Choose from JavaScript, Scratch, or Python. More details on the Registration Form.

JavaScript: Learn syntax, program creation with variables, arrays, objects, and classes. Create basic programs that complete operations.

Python: Today's most in-demand language. Write code and develop logical thinking abilities.  

Scratch, Blockly: Create interactive stories, games, and animations. Learn to think creatively , reason systematically. 


EDUArt Camps 

Amy Liu

From Graphite and Watercolor Pencil Drawing to Oil Painting, students enrolled in one or more of these art classes will learn the fundamentals of arts, color concepts, perspective, shading, and more, Have fun drawing or painting along with a live instructor, step by step, to create beautiful artwork.