James Fletcher  (UC Berkeley )           James Shiffer   (UCLA)

John Au Yeung   (UBC)                            Shannon Lee   (UC Berkeley)             Stephanie Lau (CalH)

Choose from JavaScript, Scratch, or Python. More details on the Registration Form.

JavaScript: Learn syntax, program creation with variables, arrays, objects, and classes. Create basic programs that complete operations.

Python: Today's most in-demand language. Write code and develop logical thinking abilities.  

Scratch, Blockly: Create interactive stories, games, and animations. Learn to think creatively , reason systematically. 

In previous classes, students may have learned programming through click and drag languages like scratch. This class is for students who are ready to move to the next level in their computer science journey and start writing their own code! In this class students will learn the tools and techniques that will build a foundation for future programming classes, projects, and individual endeavours. By the end of the class, students will be proficient in basic JavaScript programming and will have had some exposure to more advanced techniques. The most important part of learning computer science is building an intuition for problem solving; students will have a chance to build their intuition and problem solving skills with new in-class practice problems for every lesson. At the end of the class, (time allowing) students will have a chance to work on programming projects to put their skills to the test and build something they can be proud to show off!

  • Scratch 1 or Scratch 2: $120 / session

  • JavaScript Beginner, Intermediate or Advance: $270 / session

  • Python Beginner, Intermediate or Advance: $270 / session 

  • Fundamental of Programming and Intro to CS: $270 / session

  • 4 weeks in a session. Multiple sessions available throughout the semester to work with your schedule 

4 weeks

Session Duration


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