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Your GPA or your SAT scores: which is more important to college admission? The better answer is both numbers are important when you apply to colleges


The GPA score means

1). It measures actual results

GPA is indicating level of intelligence to a degree, they exhibit the student ability to focus under pressure and to adapt, it’s also illustrating proven hard work over the years that includes tests, homework, and in-class efforts. 

2). It shows what you’ve accomplished

College admission officials look at your GPA for patterns. If they see that you struggled early on but improved your grade point average significantly by junior or senior year, it gets their positive attention on your college application


Most of our teachers are either current high-school teachers or experienced retired teachers. The subjects are including Math, English, Calculus, Chemistry, Biology and Physics, History and more.

We are here to help you in boosting the GPA scores.    


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