EDUArt Camps   

Junior Drawing

Amy Liu

From Graphite and Watercolor Pencil Drawing to Oil Painting, students will learn the fundamentals of arts, color concepts, perspective, shading, and more, Have fun drawing or painting along with a live instructor, step by step, to create beautiful artwork. This is the basic course of the art academic, teaching students to draw objects of real life, such as shapes, space, five-values and light learning. We have eight modules, the online course is 16 hours in total, 5-7 pm every Thursday. At the end of the course, we will complete 2 artworks.

Module 1: explain the three main elements of drawing:

Module 2: Studying the structure, composition and space

Module 3: Study the lines of structure

Module 4: composition practice and complete first classroom work

Module 5: Explains the relationship between points, lines and shapes

Module 6: Five values practice and three-dimensional learning

Module 7: Studying set up the objects

Module 8: Review all drawings


16 hours

Course Duration


Class Size