Summer Camp


We are closely monitoring and following all guidelines as directed from the CDC. Due to the ever-changing situation with pandemic of COVID-19, summer camp policies and schedule maybe change. Our staffs are working diligently to make the appropriate adjustments to provide a fun, yet safe, and healthy camp experience in 2021. 


9 weeks on-campus summer camps included 18 field trips, summer bridge programs, coding, world language arts, fine arts, fun programs and more...

Summer Camps (On-Campus)


After long period time of the pandemics crisis, every children need an adventure outside their home again with other kids. such as go on a light hiking, picnics, birdwatching, road trips, water activities and more. This summer we offer two field trips for each week, we will use school bus to transport our campers 

Two Field Trips Package


The 9-week summer transition program designed to assist your child to transit from previous Spring to coming Fall curriculum by providing a wide range of the enrichment courses. The courses includes Writing & Reading, Common Core English and Math, World Languages (Chinese, Spanish, Hindi) and more...

Summer Bridge Programs


Summer Bridge Program - Stepup 4 Writing offers a broad selection of online writing courses taught by Mr. Don Maker Ed. M (Former Highschool English Teacher) Each course includes instruction, prompt and personalized feedback, and weekly online assignment, teacher's comment and correction as well.

Summer Writing Workshop


This summer we offer low-cost, coding courses, typically designed as fun games, web design and date management that teach children basic skills on Blocky, Scratch, HTML, CCS, JavaScript and Python. we also offering 3D printing design and Lego Robotics 

Coding, Lego Robotics


A Summer Camps to unleash your imagination, make friends and have fun for this summer !

Fine Arts, Chess, Origami, Clay


This summer we offer the best Nintendo games - Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart/Party, Lego Creator Club, Fun Cooking, Science Experiments, Arts & Crafts, Outdoor over size Cheese set and Tic-Tac-Toe games set and more.... 

Fun Programs