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Don Maker


Don Maker is a retired California-credentialed English teacher and an experienced, caring tutor. He holds a B.A. in English and Comparative Literature from U.C. San Diego and an M.A. in Education from Chapman College, which includes a certificate in early reading. He is a lifelong student and loves to learn about many subjects. Most importantly, he strongly desires for every person he helps, whether child or adult, to succeed and enjoy the fruits of his or her efforts. He is patient and encouraging, and always tries to make learning fun.


He taught ESL for three years in Asia. As a teacher in American public schools (eight years) he taught AP and Honors English, ESL, and the English portion of the SAT. Other humanities subjects included public speaking and history (primarily U.S. and European). Since retiring, he has performed private tutoring (nine years) and conducted classes and programs for several private companies. In addition to the SAT, he has taught the ACT, ISEE, CBEST, and the CSET, which is the test to become an English teacher. Ergo, his knowledge of formal grammar and the new SAT essay (rhetoric) is very strong. He is also the author of five novels and one stage play that can be found on Amazon.com and other book retail sites.

Jamalys R.


A Writing Fellow at Bard College's writing center, Jamalys was trained extensively in the best ways to teach writing in an engaging manner tailored towards students. Jamalys has experience in both private one-on-one tutoring and in group sessions. She's also held monthly seminars that focus on particular aspects of English Language and Composition, such as grammar, citations, and reading comprehension. A dedicated volunteer, Jamalys worked alongside children in the Junior Wheelchair Cavaliers Basketball Program at the Achievement Center for Children. Beyond domain knowledge, Jamalys possesses immense patience and communication skills that allow her to teach effectively to all ages. 


Madison P.


Hailing from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and on track to obtain a master's degree, Madison has an extensive background in mathematics and logic. She previously interned at an orthodontic and prosthetics corporation, and she intends to make a career in the medical field, particularly in designing prosthetic devices. Passionate about self-development, Madison loves learning new skills, such as web design and marketing. She's on the varsity Track and Field Team, plays three instruments, and has a twin brother. 

James S.


A Bay Area resident, James has been extended offers as a candidate for the intense Computer Science programs at Carnegie Mellon University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and other prestigious schools with specialties in CS. He’s been teaching for numerous years and knows how to keep students enthusiastically motivated when learning coding. He also has extensive experience in working for start-ups. 

Priyanka Iragavarapu

An incoming freshman at UCLA, Priyanka Iragavarapu enjoys teaching and working with kids. She worked at Eduexpress last summer and was also a peer tutor at Las Positas College, tutoring subjects such as calculus, statistics, chemistry, and political science. Priyanka is an avid debater and writer, recently completing a business law research project she was invited to present at an honors symposium. Outside of the classroom, Priyanka enjoys dancing, reading the news, watching Bollywood movies, and kayaking. She's eager to be a part of your child's summer!

Jeffrey Feng 

UC Davis majored in Statistics He has tutored many students for 5+ years and has a firm grasp of the common core standards and teachers in the Bay Area.

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